HONDURAS 2005 - 2017

Rick and his wife Cordella made their first visit to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in 2005. They visited the only orphanage in the country just for girls, Our Little Roses. They were overwhelmed by the experience and inspired by the work being done by the organization transforming abandoned and abused girls into productive, happy young women. They returned for a second trip in 2005 and then started leading group trips to Our Little Roses (OLR) annually from 2006-2017.


You can read about Rick and Cordella's 14 years working in Honduras in their blogs and see pictures from each year on their site.
Over the past 14 years Rick and Cordella have lead 171 people on trips to Honduras and participated on group trips to Madagascar, Haiti, Cuba, Egypt, Philippines, Mexico, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Europe. Their group travel skills have been sharpened planning the trips, arranging travel-room-board, budgeting, planning excursions and field-trips, managing work projects, shipping logistics, safety and education.