Nepal COVID-19 Relief Project

In March 2020 CDWT was contacted by the village leaders from Kabilash, Nepal. The people in the region were in desperate need of support securing food to supply the local food pantry. Due to the pandemic, the villagers were in isolation and unable to travel beyond the boundaries of the village. Many of the villagers did not have the food necessary to self-isolate. Not being a water project, CDWT Board Members: Rick, Madhav and Bob agreed to donate $250 each, plus a little more, to send a total of $850 USD to the village leaders. Rick arranged a Western Union money transfer. Ram, our CDWT trusted local representative in Kabilash, received the money and arranged for delivery of rice, cooking oil and salt to stock the village food pantry. On April 13 we received word that the food had been distributed. The villagers were very appreciative for the help we provided and a local newspaper in Nepal published a story about the relief effort.
LINK to the newspaper story